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Pageant Support Team Member Dos and Don’ts

Welcome to the spectacular world of pageantry, where every contestant shines brighter than a thousand stars! But behind every dazzling smile is a supportive parent, guiding their contestants through the glitz and glamour with love, wisdom, and a whole lot of do’s and don’ts. So, grab your tiaras and bow ties, because we’re about to unveil the ultimate guide to being the perfect pageant parent!



1. Support Your Contestant: Encourage and support their interest in pageantry, and be their biggest cheerleader throughout the competition process.

2. Foster Confidence: Help your contestant build confidence and self-esteem by emphasizing their unique qualities and talents rather than focusing solely on their appearance.

3. Provide Guidance: Offer constructive feedback and guidance on their performance, interview skills, and overall presentation, helping them improve and grow with each competition.

4. Encourage Healthy Habits: Promote healthy habits such as proper nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest to ensure your contestant’s physical and mental well-being during pageant preparations.

5. Foster Sportsmanship: Teach your contestant the importance of good sportsmanship, humility, and respect for fellow contestants, judges, and pageant staff.

6. Respect Their Choices: Respect your contestant’s choices and preferences regarding their participation in pageants, allowing them to take ownership of their journey and decisions.

7. Be Organized: Stay organized and prepared for pageant events, including scheduling rehearsals, arranging transportation, and coordinating wardrobe and accessories.

8. Build a Support System: Connect with other pageant enthusiasts and build a supportive community where you can share experiences, advice, and resources.

9. Emphasize Learning Opportunities: Encourage your contestant to view pageantry as a learning experience, focusing on personal growth, communication skills, and building friendships.

10. Celebrate Achievements: Celebrate your contestant’s achievements and successes, whether they win a title or simply gain valuable experience and confidence from participating.


1. Pressure Your Contestant: Avoid pressuring your contestant to participate in pageants or achieve specific results, as this can lead to stress, anxiety, and a negative experience.

2. Criticize Their Appearance: Refrain from criticizing your contestant’s appearance or body image, and instead focus on promoting a healthy and positive self-image.

3. Compare Them to Others: Avoid comparing your contestant to other contestants or setting unrealistic expectations, as this can undermine their confidence and motivation.

4. Overwhelm Them with Expectations: Don't overwhelm your contestant with unrealistic expectations or demands, and allow them to set their own pace and goals in pageantry.

5. Overspend on Wardrobe: Avoid overspending on wardrobe and accessories for pageants, and prioritize quality over quantity to ensure a well-rounded and versatile wardrobe.

6. Micromanage Their Preparation: Refrain from micromanaging your contestant’s preparation for pageants, and instead empower them to take ownership of their routines and practices.

7. Disregard Their Feelings: Listen to your contestant’s feelings and concerns about pageantry, and address any anxieties or doubts with empathy and understanding.

8. Engage in Drama: Avoid engaging in drama or negative behavior with other pageant parents or contestants, and maintain professionalism and respect at all times.

9. Ignore Their Boundaries: Respect your contestant’s boundaries and preferences regarding their participation in pageants, and don't push them beyond their comfort zone.

10. Lose Sight of Fun: Remember that pageants should be a fun and enjoyable experience for your contestant, so don't lose sight of the joy and excitement amidst the competition pressure.


So, dear pageant supporters, as the curtains draw to a close on another dazzling competition, remember to keep these guiding principles close to heart. With encouragement, respect, and a sprinkle of glitter, you’ll continue to nurture not just a pageant contestant, but a confident, resilient, and radiant individual ready to conquer any stage life may offer. Keep shining bright, and let the magic of pageantry always remind you: it’s not just about the crown, but the journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

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